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Outdoor Plant Green Walls 

The green trend, Vegetal Kingdom is the inspiration of Promostyl and is based on William Morris floras.

It brings nature and romanticism into our everyday lives. Innovative Plant Green Walls and other plant features can be seen not only on balconies, walls, roofs and gardens but furthermore inside homes, hotels and other buildings.

This trend had a big influence on William Morris´s wallpapers and textiles. He took inspiration from his gardens and country walks in the 16th century. His patterns are still very popular and present great inspiration even for modern designers.

Green wall systems on the pictures below are  mainly created by Pro Wall System from GSky or designed by Greenworks. Each wall and product is unique because of its building structure, plant variety and installation location. The green walls bring natural elements with refreshing, real living plants into cities, houses, and public buildings. Nowadays, some old construction sites could be transformed into lovely environments using this technique.

Greenworks Company and Plant Connection, Inc. moreover created amazing outdoor lighting by incorporating lights with the vertical gardens.

Indoor Green Walls

Plant Lighting

Plants Wall Decorations