lenka's Trend Forecasting 

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Natural  Trend

The Natural Trend is based on natural materials. Very popular is rattan but also woven, wood, stone and other materials. This trend shows that  these materials are perfect for outdoors, mainly because they are weather-proof and waterproof and at the same time very comfortable. Furthermore, the furniture could be colorful which is a great innovation.


Nature Stone is great material used for modern houses. The sustainable houses on the following pictures   were designed by Ramon Esteve Architects.

Other innovative products include Lighting Garden Pots which create a warm feeling as well.



Rattan accessories

Woven Hanging Pod Chair from Thisnext

Handmade by Kenneth Cobonpue

Rattan bed from Sunix

Rattan bed from Patio Design Depot

Outdoor Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

Handmade by Kenneth Cobonpue

Seaside Materials from Living Media

Types of Rattan