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Botanical Trend


The Botanical Trend was developed by The Trend Bible. This trend shows that nature is simple and beautiful. Soft colors and floral patterns are used to create nice warm Botanical  design which is very elegant and light.


This trend uses natural organic materials and glass. Raw wood was used for lighting objects, tableware and greenhouses. Most of the accessories pictured were chosen from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and IKEA.

The color palette and fabric design used on the pictured Exclusive Brands wallpaper were made by Romo. The key note for this trend, is green tinted glassware which takes inspiration from the old medicine.


The beautiful miniature indoor gardens and greenhouses  are designed to decorate outdoor living spaces or bring the outdoors into our homes.


Botanical Cushion by John Lewis

Vase by Marks and Spencer

Indoor Gardens from IKEA

Tinted Glassware from John Lewis

Floral Pots from John Lewis

Brand Exlusive

Mini Glass Houses from IKEA

Lighting from Wilkinsons

Tableware from Debenhams